A biophysicist grounded in science, rediscovers Faith when he brings his dead wife back to life.


The story is about a talented biophysicist named Nathan who lives a happy life with his wife, in their secluded house in Colorado.

When a tragic incident cuts Melissa's life short, Nathan, who has lost faith in the Church, doesn’t accept that it is God’s will – he uses his revolutionary invention to resurrect her. 

Soon, Nathan finds out that the Melissa he once loved and the one before him are very different creatures and he starts to fear for his life.

With the help of two preachers delivering a meaningful message and a mysterious book of prayers, giving him protection against Melissa’s violence, Nathan is able to rediscover his Faith in God and finally accept the loss of the real Melissa. 

Now, with Nathan's life hanging in the balance and the horrifying monster attacking him at every turn, Nathan will have to hatch a desperate plan to thwart his once beloved or stand to lose everything that matters to him.